Stress Treatment

stress treatment - stress response is a physiological action

How can stress affect you?

Most of us can say that we suffer from stress at one time or another, whether it’s caused by a mismatch in home, work life, a marital breakup, money problems or just life in general. We can assist you with your stress treatment.

In it’s purest form, the stress response is a physiological action that occurs automatically within our bodies because of a perceived threat – the “flight or fight” response.

How does stress come about?

Of course when man was primitive this was necessary to protect him from wild beasts and the like! Nowadays, however, there are few wild beasts and while we have retained our “fight or flight” response we rarely need to utilise the adrenaline and the energies that this provokes.

Consequently we attempt to subdue these feelings by internalising them, leading to problems such as high blood pressure and it’s associated risks, bowel and stomach complaints such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome ( IBS) and depression. These in turn can lead to other related problems including sexual and relationship issues, insomnia, anger and poor performance at work.

Often we try to cope by drinking or smoking or other harmful activities.

Stress Treatment

We know that some stress is beneficial – it can make us work harder, perform better and make us feel exhilarated by challenge, but an over exposure to stress over a period of time can have the opposite effect.

In today’s often frenetic life style, some stress is inevitable. What is needed is the ability to manage that stress.

I can teach you to do just that, mindfully.

Treatment for stress and anxiety

Stress Treatment can be successfulFollowing an initial full lifestyle screening and assessment, together we will plan a programme of stress management that will have a beneficial and constructive effect on your life in a holistic way.

Using a range of strategies including coaching, goal setting and deep relaxation as well as focused hypnotherapy you will be able to learn how to manage your stress mindfully.
Hypnotherapy will help you draw upon and utilise your inner resources, balancing and restoring the harmony between mind and body.

Guidance on healthy eating and exercise will enhance your stress management programme equipping you with the necessary tools to cope with whatever life throws at you!

Let me help you manage your stress…mindfully.

Re-focus   Re-energise   Re-balance

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