Psychosexual Issues

Talking therapies allow you the space and freedom to explore your thoughts
Many people find that they have difficulties with their sexual relationships at particular times of their lives. Issues such as impotence or dyspareunia (pain on intercourse)or loss of libido can happen.

Sometimes there are underlying medical reasons why these occur, but whatever the circumstances, therapies such as hypnotherapy and deep relaxation techniques can have a profound and beneficial effect.

As we know, sexuality is a very individual thing. Some of us are perfectly happy with our sexual identity, some of us not so. Talking therapies can help clarify our thoughts and enable us to be confident in
who we are and in who we desire to be.

Sometimes there can be a conflict between what we feel is right for us as individuals and the societal assumptions about our sexuality. Issues such as accepting one’s own preferences can be discussed freely
within a confidential and accepting environment.

Drawing on my own personal experiences within the alternative community, I can provide a safe, understanding and ethical response to whatever issues you wish to address.
I can help with:

  • BDSM related issues including advice and guidance around safe, sane and consensual sex
  • Fetishes
  • Impotence
  •  Loss of libido
  • ‘Coming out’
  • Gender identity

If you would like to find out more, or arrange a session,

You can talk to Loraine on 07598 140 051