Stage Fright and Performance Anxiety

Stage Performance Nerves Get Help from Mindful Therapies of Leigh.

Performance Anxiety

Actors sometimes struggle with giving their best in auditions or live performances. The constant competition for work can begin to take it’s toll on self confidence, creating feelings of stress and anxiety such as dry mouth, feeling tense, sweating, thumping heart beat and stomach upsets. In turn, these lead to further feelings of apprehension and even fear.  You may worry about forgetting your lines , missing cues or becoming ill during a performance.

Stage fright affects most performers at some stage during their careers. Whatever the situation, hypnotherapy can help alleviate and resolve these issues.

Hypnotherapy can help you replace the negative physical, mental and emotional effects of stage fright with a sense of calm and confidence. You will be able to think about a situation, deal with the situation and reflect back upon it in a relaxed and positive manner.

Hypnotherapy can help you:

  • reduce the physical impact of anxiety
  • increase self confidence
  • easily create a sense of relaxation and calm both outwardly and inside yourself.

Stage Fright

It isn’t just actors that suffer from stage fright!

Have you ever been asked to give a thank you speech, be the best man for a friend’s wedding, give a presentation or receive an award?

Standing in front of a group of people is not easy, no matter what the reason and feeling calm can seem like an impossible task, especially if you suffer from stage fright.

Many of us feel afraid and anxious at the thought of being on stage or in front of a crowd. Our pulses quicken and our hearts thump. We get a feeling of butterflies in our stomach. We become convinced we will forget our words , make mistakes or completely dry up. We feel terribly nervous and can even feel a sense of dread or impending doom!

Hypnotherapy can help!

You can access the power of your subconscious mind and develop new and successful ways of handling stressful situations like stage fright.

Using a mix of hypnotherapy and NLP techniques, Loraine can help you deal with these situations with confidence and calm.  She can teach you how to anchor feelings of positivity and success and bring them to new situations so that you approach each challenge confidently.

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