Colour Therapy in Leigh

Colour Therapy

Colour therapy is a non invasive and holistic treatment that brings balance and a feeling of well being to your mind and body.
Colour is light of different wavelengths  and vibrations.

Colour therapy is a non invasive and holistic treatment that brings balance and a feeling of well being to your mind and body.

The use of colour therapy goes back thousand of years. The  Ancient Egyptians used special colour halls to cure ailments, and the Ancient Chinese also focused on the relationship between colours in the environment and our mood.

In the 1800’s many ideas were put forward about colour therapy and healing techniques and an American named Babbit explored a way of categorising colour, coining the term chromo-therapeutics.

Coming closer to modern times and the 20th Century when Rudolph Steiner, a Swiss philosopher, mooted that colours can change the mood, feelings, temperature and experiences of those who see and feel them.

Steiner’s theories are really the basis for colour therapy today.

Healing with Colour therapy

A simple example of how we perceive colour.

If you think of it we associate RED with feeling hot and BLUE with being cold, YELLOW always seems to be a happy colour and BLACK can often feel dull or depressed.  There are other phrases that we hear used about colour too…..GREEN with envy, RED with anger, WHITE with fear and lots more.

Colour is simply light of different wavelengths  and vibrations.

Each colour of the spectrum has it’s own specific wavelength and vibration. These wavelengths resonate with the energies in the different part of our bodies and can balance and enhance our energy centres (chakras) by using the colours of the spectrum.

Colour therapy can be used for any problem, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual as well as being a wonderful all over relaxation therapy. 

It is a fun and unusual way to take some ‘me’ time!

When you visit for a colour therapy appointment, Loraine will discuss the reason for your visit – pure relaxation, or to deal with an issue and then the various ways of using colour can be explored. There are common methods used by therapists and Loraine will use any or a combination of the following:

Coloured silks that are laid across the body

Coloured light shone on the body

Meditation and breathing with colour.

You can combine Complemetary therapies to enhance your healing.

Loraine will also chat with you about how you can continue to use the benefits of colour in your day to day life.

Treat yourself and book an appointment with Loraine :-

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