Weight Loss & Nutrition

Weight Loss & Nutrition help with Talking therapies allow you the space and freedom to explore your thoughts

Lose weight the mindful way!

Having spent many years struggling with weight issues myself I initially tried hypnotherapy, as a ‘last resort’. I was more than surprised to find that following a combination of CBT and hypnotherapy I was far more confident about my potential for success which in turn led to my being more motivated and losing the weight that I wanted. In truth, the adage that ‘diets don’t work’ is accurate.
I will provide a complete nutritional profile, looking at your body systems and how they can work together. This will ensure that you take in the best nutrition possible to keep you healthy and energised whilst still able to lose weight. By using an individualised approach, each client is treated with a combination of hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP, stress management, nutritional advice and motivational coaching to ensure a steady and realistic weight loss.

The mindful way to weight management is a holistic one that focuses on creating harmony between body and mind.
For most people who need to lose weight, surgical treatments and temporary gimmicks aren’t necessary.

Why not manage your weight the mindful way?

With gentle and guided therapies I will teach you how to overcome self limiting beliefs and unhelpful thought patterns around your eating and weight management issues.
Subtle and skilled hypnotherapy will enhance your belief in your ability to succeed and reinforce your motivation. Combined with a detailed nutritional assessment and guidance to encourage you achieve a fit, energised and rebalanced body, these strategies and techniques will become part of your life.
i will teach you the mindful way of losing weight.

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Together we can design a plan to suit your needs, your lifestyle and your budget.


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